Glover for Governor GLOVER FOR GOVERNOR
Green Party of Pennsylvania 2014

"When conservatives don't conserve and liberals don't liberate,
Greens become centrists-- we generate jobs, secure homes, fresh food, clean water and air, health care."

    "No one in the world has done a better job in defining local solutions-- that are simple, empowering, and fun-- for seemingly intractable global problems than Paul Glover.
    "He  offers powerful, proven, and participatory tools..."

--Michael Shuman

    "Paul Glover is one of the true pioneers of local development and true wealth and sustainable communities." --Hazel Henderson

    "Glover offers competent design for our post-automotive society."  
--John Diamante, Threshhold Center

Teaching should be always a mission-- the main lesson a teacher can teach is love of learning.  Public educations should make it easy for teachers to retain their enthusiasm, by encouraging student and teacher creativity.  Rigid rote standards leave every child behind.

Therefore curriculum reform is needed, to prepare youngsters for community management, green enterprise. Reading, writing and math are not enough.  Arts must be part of the core curriculum, to stimulate creative thinking.  Arts provide constructive outlets for both enthusiasm and frustration. 

Well-rounded education, especially in a democracy, teaches youngsters not only to conform and fit in, but teaches them to make decisions together.  Patriotic education even teaches them how to rebel and win.

Schools should be living examples of the healthier society we hope to build.  For example, they can be rebuilt to rely on solar greenhouses and energy efficiency.  Schoolyards would be depaved and planted, to reconnect urban kids to nature.

The state budget should Leave No School Behind.  All schools should have modern libraries with computers.  Head Start should be expanded to  enable all children to enjoy pre-K activites.

SMART FUNDING OF OUR PUBLIC SCOOLS, without resort to fracking, will rely on such changes as those on the poster.

State incentives should be available to universities and school districts that 1) restrain administrative salaries; 2) restrain new construction; 3) superinsulate and cogenerate; 4) invest endowments and pensions in a new Pennsylvania state bank.

Tax breaks should be awarded to outstanding teachers.   Apartment buildings exclusively for new teachers should be available at low rent.  This will reduce urgency for salary increases.

Learning takes place everywhere.  Therefore the Greens respect home-based education, community-based service learning, and paid apprenticeships.  Sweat equity credits could be spent for comunity college fees.

Society benefits
when youth of all backgrounds become capable leaders. Therefore we promote free college education.  Student debt, especially without recourse to bankruptcy, is corporate servitude.  It is the obligation of elder generations to transfer knowledge painlessly, so that society can advance.

A state budget which subordinates student ambitions to corporate priorities fails the next generation and the nation.  --Paul Glover
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